Resolved by Joel Harss

2018 Moments

2018 Moments

This has been another amazing year. My priorities shifted slightly since my last post about resolutions, so I can’t say I have successfully accomplished everything. However, I can say I am glad with all that I’ve gotten done. My greatest accomplishment this year by far was becoming a dad, and with that came some goal rearranging:

  • Did read / Not everyday

  • Did exercise / Should’ve more

  • Did sit in the way back, but no one was driving (so not sure it counts)

  • Worked hard

  • Making money and still freelancing

  • Photography, eh (love iPhone portrait mode), but have improved my video editing

  • Eating well and gardening - Started composting which has been great for the soil

  • Updated my portfolio - Need to more often

  • Always try to be a good person

  • The Basement - this area is in a constant state of change, evolving depending on the project I’m working on. I just need to make shelves for the paint.

  • Oh, and the song. This I achieved by default of owning a child and not being familiar with many children’s songs. I am up to 42 original songs for Addison that have unfortunately not been recorded.

Here’s a list of some of the things I’m proud of accomplishing in 2018:

  • Became a dad

  • Continued Joel Harss Designs

  • Learned new skills: Video editing and some HTML

  • Gained clients

  • Remodeled the kitchen (did everything myself but install the floors)

  • Sketched a portrait of my daughter, painted some art that people don’t mind having on their walls

  • Built some wine racks out of pallets for friends. Let me know if you want one.

  • Gained 2 brothers.

Ok, What can we do next year?

Resolutions by Joel Harss

Boss Katana-50 

Boss Katana-50 

The way I like to think about the New Year & resolution is to make change. January is almost over, but its never too late to add to the list of what I want to happen this year.

Last year, one resolution I had was to make a song. Just one song. Not necessarily a great one necessarily, but a song. Regretfully that didn't happen, but this year I'm serious. I finally bought an amplifier (Boss Katana-50) on sale at Sam Ash for only $150.00. Way more affordable than I had been led to believe by the internet. Brick-and-mortar stores, old and dangerous behind the wheel, still may serve a purpose. Don't go dyin' on me. 

Anyway, here are some of my other "resolutions:"

  • Read daily (at least a chapter in a book)
  • Exercise often (Just purchased Insanity Max 30 by Beach Body)
  • Sit in the way back of our new car
  • Work hard (Get new clients/keep the old)
  • Make money and stay freelancing
  • Get better at photography/vidoegraphy - Do it more
  • Increase my design skills - Stay current/Keep learning
  • Eat well / Garden
  • Update my portfolio
  • Be a good person
  • Think globally
  • Clean up the basement

A lot of these are vague and maybe not even resolutions, but they are thoughts I often have and I want to achieve them. Mostly because I know I'll be happier for it. I'll be better than I was last year at this time, not just older. And next year I can look back and say, "I did that, now what can I do."

Quick Summary of 2017 by Joel Harss

Photo by:  Walker Studios

Photo by: Walker Studios


I just need to say that 2017 was a monumental year in my life. So many great moments that will make the best memories.

It began with a new career as a freelance creative, which has been an exciting and positive experience. Consistently adapting and planning for the next project were attributes I didn't think I had, but I have accepted every challenge with a "can-do" attitude and so far it's been working.

Photo by: High Water Photos

Photo by: High Water Photos

My bachelor party was as crazy as you'd expect. My closest friends in a cabin in Maryland (or was it West Virginia) kayaking, off-roading, sling-shotting, and partying like kings. Or kick-ass dukes at least.

Photo by:  Walker Studios

Photo by: Walker Studios

2017 also blessed me with a beautiful wife who makes every day so good to be alive. She is always encouraging and pushes me to be the best version of myself. Our wedding was everything we planned and dreamed. I'll never forget that day. 5-12-17


Our honeymoon in Hawaii was also incredible. Beautiful weather, awesome views, and incredible beaches. We went to Maui; saw sunrises from the top of a volcano, then rode bikes 13 miles down without pedaling once, drove the breathtaking road to Hana, snorkeled in the reef, ate at Mama's Fish House. Then we went to Kauai and hiked amazing trails, toured the island via helicopter, and jumped off a cliff. The accommodations were baller to say the least. It'll be a while before another one like this.

2017-11-04 07.36.26.jpg

My family also had some noteworthy events. My brother turned the big five-o. "You're doing good Scott, you're doing good." Dad hit 3/4 of a century. Not too shabby. I also gained a sibling. My half-brother and mom have been reunited after almost 50 years. She instantly became a grandmother and great-grandmother. A happy new addition.

2017-11-23 03.59.13.jpg

The year has filled me with gratitude and happiness and am thankful for my family and friends.  May each year get even better.




Married Life by Joel Harss

Kauai, HI Honeymoon | May 25, 2017

Kauai, HI Honeymoon | May 25, 2017

So far, SO GOOD! 

I can't believe how lucky I am to have Jen. She's my rock and gives me confidence everyday. Since late December last year I've been freelancing my design skills, and her support is a huge factor in my early success. Couldn't do it without you.


DIY Harley Brakes by Joel Harss


Over the last couple weeks I've been spending a few hours (when I had the chance) figuring out how the brakes system works on a 2004 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom XL. One video "Dolby's Garage" by Moonfleet41 on YouTube was super helpful. He not only explained in great detail without missing a step, but also explained the "why" behind some of the reasons things should be done that way. It made me appreciate video bloggers and really separated the good and bad. 

The biggest thing for me though was that I was able to do this. With a little perseverance and a lot of trying I feel confident I can get on the hog and crash into the first car that stops short on the Merritt. It may not have saved me much money, actually probably a lot and now I know how to do it, which is priceless.

Thanks Dad

Dad by Joel Harss

Dads are great. But the one I got is the best. He may not have done everything perfect, but I think I turned out pretty good. And thats the point. There probably is no perfect, but if I'm even half as good of a dad as he is I'll be happy. What I've learned from him has been invaluable. Everything from changing the oil to balancing my checkbook. Which I think comes down to the real take away. Time. My dad spent time with me which changed and influenced my growth. Thanks dad.

Orlando by Joel Harss

Copyright:     azgAr Donmaz

Copyright: azgAr Donmaz

This weekend the largest mass shooting happened in a night club in Orlando, Florida. I don't understand how anyone believes they have authority to take other people's lives. This is a truly sad moment in our history. We need peace. Can't we just love one another?

Cherish the Children by Joel Harss

Not long ago I wrote about wanting to contribute more to charity. This is one that I have been involved with for quite a while now. Each year around the same time they reach out and ask if I can help them with signage for a golf tournament they host to raise money. Even though I can't really afford to give that much it feels good knowing I'm able to assist in a cause that makes lives a little better for children that are less fortunate.

Check out the link below to see a news clip that aired today. Fast forward to 2:11.

WFSB Channel 3 Cherish the children